Ray C. Woodcock, CIH
Occupational Hygiene Services to Business and Industry Since 1973

About Ray Woodcock

Ray Woodcock

My years in government, industry, and private practice have given me broad experience in assessing health hazards and solving problems in a wide variety of industrial, construction, and other work environments. Many clients have called on me for guidance in regulatory matters, monitoring and control of health hazards at work, or investigation of special problems and questions related to contaminants, existing or proposed processes and other concerns in the work place. My approach is to identify conditions most likely to cause harm to health, and interpret them in the context of specific persons, exposures, and sources. This has lead to experience in evaluating many different kinds of exposures and the ability to quickly sort out what is important or not in a particular context.

These skills have developed from a solid foundation of theoretical and practical experience at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Bureau of Radiological Health of the U.S. Public Health Service, through service as compliance officer and consultant to many different kinds of North Carolina employers, as corporate industrial hygienist for a large manufacturer with plants and subsidiaries in several industries, serving private clients, and as the industrial hygiene, safety, and regulatory compliance officer for a regional environmental contractor.

Workplace Exposure Assessment
An example is rapid identification of a mercury vapor lamp as the cause of pain in the eyes, through interviews and direct observation of conditions in the work area at a major manufacturing complex.

Indoor Air Quality
Investigations for various government, industrial, and commercial clients, often in connection with employee complaints or concerns, focusing on markers of indoor air qualityand careful observation of physical facilities, activities and HVAC systems.

Hazard Communication
Developed a Corporate Hazard Communication Manual for use in major industrial applications. Hazard communication has since become a fundamental element in general industrial practice.

Monitored and inspected many of the early asbestos abatement projects in public schools and universities in Western North Carolina and the VA Medical Center in Asheville. Continue to maintain accreditations and practice in asbestos management.
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